Icelandic moss, mountain moss, are names in folk medicine, although this plant is not a moss but a lichen. It is also known under the name Cetraria Islandica. This herb is  used since the 17th century. Cetraria islandicas grows in coniferous forests in the high mountains, and is harvested in the spring and fall. The Nordic countries use it as a food. They would grind cetraria islandica and make bread of it.  It was also served as a vegetable (a side dish with meat). It is a plant with no odor and bitter taste. Today one of the best and most popular plants for treating cough and flu is this icelandic moss. Cetraria islandicas is also a  laxative, secretolytic, dissolves mucus secretions and stimulates discharge.

Iceland Most Benefits, Cetraria Islandica

In folk medicine it is used for:

  • For anemia
  • Bile and liver problems
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Nursing mothers (stimulates milk production)
  • Kidney diseases

Tea made from Icelandic moss is also used in pulmonary catarrh, chest pain, convulsive cough and tuberculosis, as it strengthens and cleanses the lungs. Catraria islandica also cleanses and strengthens digestive gastric mucosa, spleen, liver, intestines, kidneys, pancreas and bladder. It is recommended that  healthy people take it also, to clean and strengthen the lining. In children, the Icelandic tea or syrup showed the most positive effect in the days of strong flu and colds.

Cetraria islandica contains lygenin, iso-lygenin; substances that protect the inflamed mucous membranes and reduce the urge to cough. That is why it is used in preventive purposes, especially for those whose professions require daily vocal effort (journalists, educators, politicians). Contains a lot of iodine and vitamin B12. This versatile and valuable therapeutic Icelandic lichen has prompted many scientists to examine these plants and they came to the conclusion that it has antibiotic action, and even comparable with the effects of penicillin. Today it is used as a tea, tincture or syrup. Dried cetraria islandica plant is ground and prepared into a fine powder for wounds healing. To some scientists, cetraria islandica mostly resembles to aronia melanocarpa and maca root powder. Since this amazing herb is still under many researches, these are just some of the amazing cetraria islandica benefits. However, you are having problems with cough, we at highly recommend you to try Iceland Moss Powder.