Symphytum Officinale has a juicy, rough hairy stem height 20 to 100 cm. Perennial root of comfrey is growing very deep in the ground. It’s fat, branched, spindle and juicy. The exterior is a dark-brown or blackish in color, and the inside is white to light-yellow. The lower leaves are large with a stem. The leaves on the stem are arranged alternately rough and hairy all over the surface. Flowers have a narrow bell shape, and color of them is from white to pink or purple. It is also known as comfrey, and comfrey root is one of the most important remedies in alternative medicine. It can be found in Central Europe, located in damp places, ditches with water and wet meadows. Medicinal parts of the plant: for the drug leaves and roots are colleced. The root is collected in spring and autumn. After the excavation, it is washed, not to lose the slimy juice, most of it dried, and cut into pieces by the end at the warm, dry place. There are about twenty species of symphytum officinale, some of them grown as fodder. Perennial comfrey takes root deep in the ground.

When you do not have at your disposal a green plant, use of comfrey tincture. It also acts favorably against neuralgic pains, especially against the unbearable pain of the face. Since symphytum officinale strongly affects the central nervous system, it should be taken only in small doses. Comfrey tincture should gently be massaged, because in severe gout we must not use strong massage. Tincture is showed excellently  in the treatment of inflammation of nerves. It is also good to reborn skin: old, wrinkled, skin especially with wrinkles around the eyes, which are caused by different cosmetics, after prolonged use of tinctures, will be regenerated.

Comfrey root is effective in the treatment of various problems of the digestive system, the stomach against the Cathars (with or without diarrhea), shigellosis bacteria, kidney disease, and the overpowering menstruation, similar as agnus-castus. It is used for stomach bleeding, pneumonia, cough and bloody sputum, pleurisy, etc. In many parts of the world, people are drinking comfrey tea.

Comfrey Tea Benefits

There are many benefits of comfrey tea. Here are just some of them:

  • Comfrey tea for asthma is prepared in the following manner: 5g. comfrey root simmer for half an hour in a pint of water, let it sit for twenty minutes and then filter. Drink one cup in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Comfrey tea against gastric and duodenal ulcers is prepared in the following manner: put a 50g of a mixture of comfrey, quince seed and flax seed and 20g of Glycirrhiza glabra, and yarrow leaf in a boiling water and after six hours of downtime filter. Drink it during the day instead of water.
  • Comfrey tea for sweating and urinating: pint one tablespoon of comfrey leaves with a pint of boiling water, cover and let it stand for 15 minutes. Drain it and drink twice a day,1 cup in morning and evening on an empty stomach. Also, this tea is removes abdominal cramps.
  • The fresh root juice stops bleeding from fresh wounds.

Just like ipe roxo tea, all the comfrey preparations should not be made or kept in an iron or tin dishes! Best comfrey tea root preparation, recommends is a O’Keeffe’s Cream.