Capsella Bursa Pastoris – stops bleeding and strengthens the uterus. Relieves pain and revitalizes body.

Although weed, shepherd ‘s purse is very valuable and medicinal herb. This distant cousin of cabbage, horseradish and mustard has a miraculous power to stop the bleeding, and is therefore a popular folk remedy against menstrual outflow (similar to chasteberry), blood in the urine, hemorrhoids that bleed, but also is very useful to strengthen the uterus and blood pressure.

This plant, which grows everywhere, along roadsides, in yards and in overgrown meadows in the nation is also called shepherd’s purse, but it is more known as capsella bursa pastoris, or just capsella. Its chemical composition is complex. It contains flavonoids, polypeptides, histamine, vitamin A, B and C. The specific odor comes from sulfur compounds which contain many plants of the Brassicaceae family.

In addition to be able to stop the bleeding, the capsella bursa pastoris gives very good results in lowering high blood pressure, just like Annuna Muricata. In the mixed tea against hypertension it is best combined with horsetail and hawthorn.

Prolapse is more common phenomenon especially in the elderly and women in midlife. It can occur as a consequence of childbirth or severe weakening of muscle tone. Shepherd ‘s purse strengthens the muscle tissue of the uterus, and the tea from this herb is recommended after childbirth.

Massage of capsella tincture is recommended for all who have weak muscle tone. This tincture is useful especially for those who have kept their arms or legs in plaster for a long time, so their muscles have weakened. It is very good to combine with cordyceps sinensis to revitalize body. Strong tea made of capsella bursa pastoris is recommended for stopping nosebleeds: buffer swabs or gauze soak in tea and hold in your nose.

More Capsela Bursa Pastoris, Shepherd’s Purse Benefits

Shepherd ‘s purse still in the middle ages was known as a very useful medicinal herb that acts on stopping of bleeding, against bloody urination, strong menstruation, bleeding from the nose and on stopping the blood from the wounds that bleed heavily. Because of these benefits, the shepherds purse is well known today.

It tightens blood vessels and is therefore used to stop bleeding of stomach, intestines, nose, wounds, kidney, lungs and uterus. Capsella has a substance that acts on the rhythmic contraction of uterine musculature and intestinal peristalsis and is used as way to accelerate contraction and relief childbirth.

It is also used to help in sluggish bowels condition. Especially medicinal act is in regulating blood pressure, regardless of whether it is high or low. It blends well with other medicinal plants used for the treatment of many diseases. The medicine is collected whole plant with flowers and leaves, during the flowering. It is dried in the shade, after which is finely cut and stored in dark glass containers.

These are just some of the reasons to put capsella bursa pastoris, or shepherd’s purse into your daily diet.