Callus Remover

So, you are having callus problems? Then you are in the right place. In this article we will explain what is the best way to remove callus and what would be the best callus remover. There are many callus removers (electric callus remover, callus remover gel, etc.), and it is very important to select the best one, and the one which will not hurt your foot callus removal.

Before we discuss what is best way of callus removal, we will first define what are calluses exactly. Calluses create pain, they bother us when we are walking and can lead to very serious consequences in patients with diabetes or arthritis. Callus problem on your feet must always be taken seriously, because it can lead to various problems. We have already spoken before on similar skin problems (verruca planaverruca vulgaris and plantar wart removal) and how to treat them with ease.

Callus is, by definition, what occurs because of the greater pressure (shoes) on the top layer of skin on the feet. The hard part of the shoe on the layer of skin achieves constant pressure; blood circulation is reduced, leading to premature degeneration of the surface layer of skin cells.

Deeper layer corresponds to increased production of its cells. This layer of the skin tends to come to the surface. On the skin are formed small lumps, which with redundant cells, lead to poor blood flow and dying of skin cells. Dead cells accumulate and increase the thickness of the surface layer of the skin.

This phenomenon is known as “white thickening.” Callus is mainly found in the surface layer of the skin of the fingers. Has a rounded appearance and yellow. Center of callus is marked by dots, called the nucleus. If you touch it, you will have notice a hard layer of skin that hurts. It may be the size of two or three millimeters to 1, 5 centimeters. It is very important to pick the best callus remover.

What is Best Callus Remover?

The best callus remover on the market is Emjoi. It is very safe, efficient and the most painless way of callus foot removal. It has an unique roller that spins 360 degrees for fast results. It is also an electric remover (battery operated) and the fact that it is  the worlds best selling pedicure kit speaks for itself. After testing many other ways of callus removal, we at rate this revolutionary device as “the best callus remover” in the world.