Anuptaphobia – Fear of Staying Single

Anuptophobia is relatively new phobia, but be careful, you might just have it! There are very few information on the internet about this „irrational“ fear, but we will try to provide as much information as we can. The simple definition of anuptophobia says that is a constant fear of staying single. As well as other phobias we already wrote about (pedophobiagamophobiaerythrophobia) the explanation of anuptophobia is not that simple. So, what exactly is anuptophobia?

To understand anuptophobia, you must understand how your mind works, or at least try to. Each phobia, besides genetics factor, has its true causes and reasons. There are many factors and causes for anuptophobia appearance, but most common are well-hidden in early childhood. Child abuse is the strongest factor, denial of parents or others and not providing enough social and physical activities for your children. They are becoming an individuals who are having a fear of rejection. in numerous texts warned how important is social touch for your children, and how important is looking after them, and watching their behaviour, but not to overdo it!. Healthy human beings are learning fast, but learning rate is much higher in early childhood. Everything that happens there, and after that, becomes engraved, like a unique code, in children’s brain. When they become friends with someone, or have a partner, a  strong, mostly irrational fear that they might become single occurs.

Now, try to understand an adult, who has grown up with such phobia. Despite they understand their phobia, or aware of it and despite reassurance by their partners, they still cannot overcome that fear easily. However, there is a way.

Anuptaphobia Treatment and Cures

If you notice this phobia in early phase talk to a doctor who can recommend a therapist. Good news is that anuptaphobia is curable and after a treatment with therapist, there is a high chance you will no longer „feel“ need of having such fear. Bad news is that anuptaphobia in rare conditions comes with serious personality disorder like obsessive compulsive personality disorder or avoidant personality disorder. That is because the causes are similar – early childhood rejection, or some personal tragedy.

One of anuptaphobia treatment is self-help. That is not something I personally would encourage anyone to try, because our mind can lead us to the darkest tunnels. Sometime a person just by thinking about it, and understanding how irrational anuptaphobia is, and most important understanding what caused it, can overcome it. In some cases we can say that “fear of marriage” is the opposite from anuptaphobia.

Sometimes you might even get medicines prescribed. Don’t get your self discouraged, medications are not because of phobia, yet they are there because of preventing any other „side effects“ that the „fear of staying single“ can cause. In either way psychotherapists are the best way of anuptaphobia treatment and cure and recognizing early symptoms.  Good luck!