What are Glucuronolactone Benefits, Side Effects, Glucuronic Acid, Glucuronidation?

Glucuronolactoneglucuronic acid is involved in the metabolism of detoxification in the liver whose glucuronyl rest of the body is linked to a group of foreign compounds or any of the metabolites in the body so that they become soluble in water and are excreted in the urine. Glucuronic acid should be distinguished from gluconic acid because it is linear and the gluconic acid is formed by oxidation of the different carbon glucose atom.

Some studies have shown that glucuronolactone shows mild effects alcohol in frequent and in large quantities tea drinking. This article about glucuronolactone is an introductory article for our next big research about kombucha tea. Glucuronic acid is a very important part of this fermented beverage known as kombucha.

Glucuronolactone, Glucuronic Acid Benefits, Glucuronidation

Glucuronic acid is very soluble in water. In human and animal organisms it commonly associated with xenobiotic metabolism of substances such as drugs, pollutants, androgens, estrogens, mineral corticoid, glucocorticoid, fatty acid derivatives, retinoids and bile acids.

These links include O-glycosidic bonds and this process is known as glucuronidation. It usually takes place in the liver, although some enzymes that are responsible for its catalyzation such as UDP-glucuronyltransferase, are found in all major organs: heart, kidneys and pancreas.  UDP-glucuronic acid (glucuronic acid linked through connection to uridine diphosphate) is an intermediate product of this process and is formed in the liver.

Glucuronidation is a process which makes this all happen. Human body through this process constitutes a variety of substances that are more soluble in water, and thus facilitates their elimination through urine. Glucuronolactone, glucuronic acid benefits are seen in a very useful and strong help in liver detoxification.

Intake of glucuronolactone is significantly high through energy drinks. Although there is little data on the risk of excessive intake it is known that the NOAEL 300 mg / kg body weight in experimental animals showed changes in the kidneys. At the first assessment of energy drinks in 1999th year it was concluded that perhaps rats do not get results which conclude that the same happens to people. If one compares the intake of glucuronalactone from natural food sources of 1-2 mg / day and from energy drinks 840 mg – 1800 mg / day, scientists (SFC) express certain reservations about the need for such large amounts of input.

What is known is that main glucuronolactone benefits is that is allows an amazing natural energy increase (similar to cordyceps sinensis and hericium erinaceus) and helps in detoxifying drugs.

In the 1961st year MD. Valentin Kohlerwith with his article “Glucuronic Acid encourages cancer patients” in the Medical Practice initiated a discussion on the therapeutic use of glucuronic acid. Glucuronic acid is one of the products that are produced during the fermentation of kombucha tea.

During this period, Dr. Kohler was reporting on the encouraging results of glucuronic acid benefits in the treatment of patients with cancer. Studies have shown that kombucha tea strongly affects endobionts and thus fight against cancer and its early stages. Endobionts eliminate red corpuscles when adverse changes in pH happen. Side effects of glucuronolactone are rare.

Glucuronolactone Side Effects, Glucuronolactone Powder

It can also be taken in a powder form. Side effects are rare. Just like schizandra chinensis this miraculous acid increases mood and energy but side effects are disorientation, dizziness and rapid heartbeat. All in all glucuronolactone, glucuronic acid benefits can be a very important part of maintaining health system and keeping a good body shape.