There are many paths to addiction in society today. A simple smart phone game, an enthralling TV series, or more serious chemical substances stand ready to bring out your inner addict. But you can break free from your addictions, no matter how serious, if you have a game plan, and some surefire ways to beat addiction. Learn to think positive and own your fears!

Own Your Addiction

The first step to stopping an addiction is realizing what you are doing is an addiction. This is true for many smaller addictions like video games, eating too much, or even swearing. If you don’t realize it is an addiction how can you beat it?  Recognize your addiction, accept it, and start developing ways to overcome it.

Generate a Plan

Creating a plan to overcome your addiction is the next step to beating addiction. Just by starting to think about how you will beat the addiction, you begin to set your sights on freeing yourself. This also cements the idea that the addiction is real and opens the door to seeking help.

Even if you can’t stick to your plan, or don’t know how to free yourself from the addiction, starting a plan is the best way to start. You can always add to the plan, or change parts that do not work for you.

Buddy Up for Success

Beating an addiction is difficult to say the least. Buddy up with someone, and they will lend mental and emotional support. You’ll gain an ear for your gripes and problems, and a shoulder to lean on during your more difficult moments.

A buddy also adds accountability. Without being accountable to anyone, the only reason you have to beat the addiction is you, and sometimes that is not enough. Choose a strong buddy who won’t bend, or let you off the hook easy, and you’ll have more success kicking your addiction.

Seek Professional Help

If you have more serious chemical addictions, community drug detox programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon/Alateen are an excellent place to find help. Beating drug addictions is very serious and difficult, nearly impossible on your own. A detox program provides you with the support and experience needed to successfully break the habit.

Distract Yourself at Your Weakest Points

Distractions manage cravings, and get you through those emotional times that you normally fill with your addictive behavior. Reading, painting, drawing, card games, spending time with friends, or adopting a pet will take your mind off the addiction, and pull you through these times.

Many people substitute exercise for addictive behavior. It’s a good choice since it is healthy. Others opt to start projects like family albums, writing a book, keeping a diary, or gardening.

Finally, just start living without the addiction. Make new friends and enjoy their company, do simple things everyone else does, and find joy in them. Becoming an addiction-free person means living like one, and no longer thinking about your addiction.

These tips will help overcome most addictions, but to solve serious, ongoing problems with addiction seek professional help.