Regardless of who you are, or where you are from its likely that you have experienced sleeping in the same room as someone who snores. It’s no secret that snoring can be upsetting both to the person who snores, and the person sleeping next to them. Sadly, the number one medical reason behind a lack of physical intimacy in relationships is snoring.

It’s a well-known fact that Obstructive Sleep Apnea, narcolepsy symptoms and cataplexy can cause a number of health concerns. Snoring is the number one symptom of OSA, which is exactly why problem snoring should be taken seriously. If you’re feeling drained and sluggish during the day time it might be caused by low-quality sleep due to this disorder.

Understand Why You Snore

In order to understand the best course of action to cope with this health dilemma it’s important to be aware of the symptoms of snoring. Snoring occurs when the soft muscle tissue inside the airway becomes overly relaxed and collapses in your sleep.

As you try to breathe in and out a loud vibration occurs as the air attempts to pass through the narrow opening. Nightly snoring may cause poor quality sleep (good night sleep) which will adversely have an effect on your mental health making it difficult for you to concentrate during the day. However, not all obstructions occur directly in the airway.

Sometimes the origin of the blockage is in the nasal passage as opposed to the airway. If the blockage is in the nasal passages it is advisable to use an adhesive nasal strip to help widen the nostrils. If the obstruction is inside the airway itself, there are a number of other snoring devices that are more appropriate to treat the condition.

For example, stop snoring chin straps or stop snoring mouthpieces might help to increase the space inside the airway reducing snoring. In certain circumstances depending on the severity of the problem you might be required to use a positive airway pressure device. These devices are commonly referred to as CPAP machines, though there are many variations such as the APAP, and BiPAP.

These machines force the airway to remain open by pushing pressurized air into your lungs opening your airway much like a balloon would expand if you blew air into it.

It’s important that you research all possible stop snoring devices available to locate the one that is certainly ideal for your scenario. If you are already if the issue originates in the airway or in the nasal passages then your ability to make an informed decision will be significantly easier.

Often times a simple illness can cause snoring to occur, and no long-term treatment is required. There are numerous over the counter decongestants that can help to clear your sinuses and prevent you from snoring. If your predicament isn’t due to temporary illness, and stop snoring products aren’t helping to improve your situation in some circumstances you might be asked to participate in a sleep study.

The physician will measure many different factors to determine exactly what treatment method is best. Often times if all conventional options have failed, then surgery might be considered as a last result..