Neti Pot Solution

Winter and transitional periods are perfect for frequent sinus infections, and you can easily heal any post nasal drip with the use of containers called Neti Pot. The invention is neither new nor revolutionary, and nasal irrigation has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, and we bring you a few tips to help you master this technique. So, what is a Neti Pot? To some it may look like an oil lamp, just like the one in the story about the spirit of the lamp. In some meaning it does contain a good spirit. Neti Pot is a bowl for rinsing the nasal tract. Neti Pot solution is a technique known to Indian yogis, but also widespread among “ordinary” people in the West. Neti Pot gained its worldwide popularity by Dr. Oz presenting in globally popular Oprah show. Dr. Oz has brought his knowledge and experience in treating sinusitis, allergies, inflammation of the nasal mucosa and pharynx, where he achieved surprisingly good results by introducing “nasal hygiene channel». It is important to say that Neti Pot solution is considered to be a type of aromatherapy.
Neti Pot is emerging as an assistant of natural sanitation of the infection, bacterial or allergic. Chronic inflammation, healed in this way has far less possibility of recurrence. It is not irrelevant to notice that the use of Neti Pot has no danger on our health. Neti Pot belongs to a thousand years of traditional medicine, unjustly neglected and suppressed by the aggressive pharmaceutical industries. The experience of Dr. Oz on the cases of chronic sinusitis is amazing Neti Pot works and there is no danger on our health from the use of it.
When you master the rinsing of nose with the Neti Pot container it becomes a simple routine. Injecting of different types of drops that are used to stop post nasal drip is shorter way but the risk of damage to the nasal mucosa is huge. It is important not to allow the use of nose drops grow into a “chronic”. This further emphasizes the value of traditional rinsing the nose with a Neti Pot solution.

How to Use a Neti Pot?

The whole process begins with a pint of water, and eventual increase up to one liter, liter and a half – more than it is not necessary. In addition, the entire procedure takes about ten minutes. So, these are Neti Pot instructions:

  • Fill Neti Pot to the brim with warm liquid.
  • Lean over the sink.
  • Open mouth and start breathing normally.
  • Turn your head slightly to the right, so that the left nostril slowly build up.
  • Press the top of the Neti Pot to the left nostril and gently tilt – water must not seep out of the nostrils.
  • For a few seconds, the water will come out through the right nostril – if you have a really stuffy nose, wait a bit to soften the mucus solution.
  • Hold this pose and continue to breathe relaxed until all the contents of Neti Pot do not pass through the sinuses.
  • Gently (!) blow your nose – strong blowing will repel water and mucus in the deeper in the sinuses
  • Repeat all steps with the right nostril.
  • Make sure that the same amount of Neti Pot solution is used in both nostrils.
  • During the flushing do not talk, laugh or blow into / through the nose.
  • When you take advantage of all the solution, gently blow your nostrils, lean forward – the nose is directed at the floor – and a few times gently blow your nose. Then lean more toward the floor – the nose is directed toward your knees. If you suffer from high blood pressure you can avoid leaning and blowing your nose while standing upright.
  • With short and quick breaths and exhales breath to one then to the other nostril and then through both. It is important that all Neti Pot solution fall out.

The only Neti Pot danger is that sometimes it is possible that the side of the face you are flushing can begin to tear and it is a normal “side effect”.