How to Help a Child

Children are something that is delightful to write about, but something that is so delicate you must always watch your actions towards them, because everything you do affects their behavior. How to help a child is a rather quite big topic, because you can teach a child to read, write, talk, multiply but in this topic I will try to elaborate how to help a child to think and behave in a proper way.

Help a child

There were some very good studies on this matter, but when I look back I cannot restrain myself from mentioning the famous Jim Carrey (as Chip Douglas) quote from Cable Guy:”You were never there for me were you mother? You expected Mike and Carol Brady to raise me! I’m the bastard son of Claire Huxtable! I am a Lost Cunningham! I learned the facts of life from watching The Facts of Life! Oh God! ” Okay, so now you have some insight what I mean by helping a child.

You must always be there, no matter what! If you have some work to do, leave it, your child needs you. You don’t want your child to be raised by internet, television or street. Even in these three choices, street looks as the best one.

The problem is that many parents think they are actually helping or protecting a child when they allow them to be on the internet, buy them Nintendo, or sit them in front of television. Our most natural instinct is to protect our children and help them in their lives. Despite their best effort and intention to protect a child from street, actually they are doing the opposite. Not many parents are aware of danger of the internet.

Save a child from internet danger

Many deceivers stalk their victims on the internet and children are the easiest ones to deceive. I don’t have to mention pedophiles. Yes, they also stalk children on internet rather then on the streets. As for most of the deceivers they are easily to catch on the street then internet, and when they get caught on the internet they have time to flee.

That is the reason why they prefer internet and especially community sites, such as Facebook, although Facebook is pretty much secure. On community sites they have all the information they need and then they can easily deceive a child. Next time when your children talk you have to listen, especially when their mention “imaginary friends”.

Pay attention to night terrors in children. Maybe you will prevent something horrible to happen and save their lives and your. Don’t ever forget: Children as most easily to deceive. Period. So imagine the danger you are putting your children in front. Think twice, you didn’t have much time to spend on internet or in front of television and if you now have children you turned out well after all.

I am not saying children should not use internet or they should not watch television. The point is you have to control it and monitor their behavior. When you accomplish that and when you know how is your child spending their time on the internet and for what purpose, not only you will help a child, but you will help yourself this way.

Internet has many advantages and dis-advantages as well. One of the big advantages is that you can help your child to read, write or to multiply. There are many software’s that with great success monitor your child activity on the internet. You will monitor your children behavior and they will have fun.

Help a child with real life

As I have mentioned above, our most natural instinct is protecting a child. We give them a birth, raise them, look and enjoy their progress and success in life. That is in theory, but not everything comes easy in life. In topic the title says “Help a child with real life”. “Now what is a real life?”, someone could ask. Okay, fair enough.

When you are to overprotective your child will most likely have problems adopting with social habits. Not to mention their choice of life partner in later stages of life. Yes, everything that happens in youth leaves marks and it is something that is called “learned behavior.” Some traumas in life can cause serious disorders. One of the most common is obsessive-compulsive disorder. Let’s hope we can prevent that.

Prevention is better then heal – Help a child

In order to prevent this you have to put your child piece by piece in social activities. Sport is the best one. Since I have said that most things that happen in youth are something that is called “learned behavior”, by enabling your child a sport activity, not only sport will be their way of life in their entire life, but you will strengthen their body, mind and spirit. Yes, you did this, you affected on this and provided your child a healthy environment. Yes, you helped your child!

I mentioned sport, because sport is the best way of dealing with youth and later teenagers issues, but there are many more ways.

For instance if you notice that your child is talented in music, drama, dancing, encourage him/her to work on that talent. By doing this you help a child. Your child will be thankful to you for the entire life. This is healthy environment, your child is socially active and that is something most parents don’t know – social action. True happiness for a child comes from social touch. We all are, but especially children creatures that rely on imagination.

Children are in learning process and need to feel social touch, but over the internet they are unable to. Over the internet they can only imagine, and now you imagine what traumas for a child can cause if their imagination is affected by some stalker. That is why something like “real life” is needed.

Help a child from yourself

Now you see difference between letting your child to spending their time on the internet and seeing them playing games with other children in “real life”, playing music, etc.?  The irony is, despite your best intention to protect children from outer world and problems, first you have to help them from yourselves. I hope this article shows how you can do that with great success.

Have a best of luck with this and I hope you will all enjoy your child progress! You only need to direct them to the true values in life and by doing this you helped your child for a lifetime. You have to adopt to your child but this article can help you a lot (help a child).