What is Halotherapy?

The method is based on dosed stay in attractively designed salt room that is made from natural rock salt and is used for the treatment of chronic and allergic disorders. Halotherapy term is in use since the mid 1980’s. The name comes from the Greek word Halo, which means salt, so you can easily say that halotherapy is salt therapy. The beneficial effects of this sort of therapy have been known for centuries and are supported by abundant medical literature.

Halotherapy evolved from speleotherapy. While speleotherapy uses only natural conditions of salt caves or salt mines, halotherapy use modern technology to create a therapeutic micro adjustable, and the most favorable conditions for the patient.

It was confirmed that there is an excellent therapeutic effect in treating asthma and bronchitis, calms and deepens the breathing, increases the movements of the respiratory epithelium and cleans airway. It has an anti-inflammation and anti-allergic effect, accelerates oxidation of serotonin, and regulates mineral balance.

Halotherapy is…:

  • A new branch of speleotherapy,
  • A completely natural and without side effects,
  • Clinically tested and proved effective,
  •  Associated with biological regeneration and health effects,
  • With no drugs interaction,
  • Helping to strengthen the body both physically and mentally,
  • Facilitating respiratory and skin problems,
  • Cleaning the airways,
  • Helping with allergies,
  • Reducing the tendency to colds,
  • Increasing the immunity,
  • Reducing long-term use of drugs.
  • Helping to shorten the recovery time and increases the time of remission.

By applying the today’s technology, dry aerosol is created using a special generator – halogenerators that blows dry aerosol in the salt room. Today, the salt treatment is applied in all types of health facilities, spa and wellness centers, spas, rehabilitation centers, hotels, pre-schools and private homes.

Halotherapy is very effective not only in improvement of physical health but also for the relief of mental illnesses such as over-strain, fatigue, exhaustion, and to help people stop smoking. It is also one of most efficient ways to relieve stress.

What is important to mention is that halotherapy is the adjuvant therapy, and does not replace the medicament therapy but can significantly reduce it; it is completely natural, does not interact with medications and what is very important: you cannot “overdose” yourself with it. Arrival in the salt room therapy is recommended in all phases, and as prevention, and in a situation where a person has difficulty caused by diseases that we already mentioned. Also, halotherapy is also effective for recovery after an illness. So, that is all  if you want to know what  halotherapy is.