When a new mother is breastfeeding, she has to remember that whatever she is eating will be passed on to her baby through the milk she is feeding her baby. Though there are no off-limit foods, there are certain foods that babies cannot tolerate usually. This is because babies have a weak digestive system and any imbalance in the food would cause havoc in the baby’s stomach. This would create gastric issues and stomach pain, which would make the baby suffer too much. If you are a new mom, then make sure you avoid these foods to avoid any kind of discomfort to the baby. We already wrote on a similar topic: How to Help a Child?


Even if a cup of hot steaming coffee in the morning or a caffeinated soda would uplift your mood, it would not suit your baby. The body of your baby is not designed to accept the caffeine like yours. Therefore, when you consume caffeinated drink, it secretes in your breast milk and transfers to your baby’s stomach. It would make your baby feel irritable and cranky causing your little one to lose the sleep.


Garlic, how much ever small its role in the food you eat can irritate your baby’s stomach. When you consume garlicky food items, it can make your breast milk to secrete milk with garlic odor, which can cause your baby to not like it and refuse milk. Even if your baby drinks the milk, it will cause your baby to feel irritated and would create a lot of fuss. Next time your baby refuses to drink milk, think about the food you ate. However, some babies on the other will like the taste of the garlic aroma in your milk. So make sure to look for the preference of your baby’s taste and preferences.


Sometimes, foods that are high in acidic content might upset the baby’s stomach. Tomatoes are a fine example of such foods. When you consume foods with tomatoes, your baby who is breastfed will be fussy and cranky. This is because the baby’s stomach would be upset and you will have to stay away from tomato rich foods until then.

Shell fish:

Some foods can cause allergy in your baby’s stomach if it there on the father’s side too. Sometimes, eating sea foods like shellfish, shrimp or lobster would trigger some allergies in your baby. Researches reveal that shellfish can cause a lot of allergies among babies while they were breastfed by mothers who ate them. Make sure your platter does not contain these types of foods until your baby grows.

Hot Pepper or Spices:

When you eat foods that have hot peppers in it or spicy in taste, then it can cause drastic effects on your baby’s stomach as soon as you breast feed him. This food can trigger diarrhea or loose stools and irritate the stomach. If you need spice in your food then add ginger as it will help your stomach and your baby’s stomach as it has soothing ability.

Thus, as soon as you give birth to your bundle of joy, you must try to stay away from such foods as much as possible.