Flea Bites on Humans

Flea bites on humans is the topic we will write today about. Usually cats and dogs bring fleas into the house – much more often in the summer when fleas are multiplying. Fleas die in cold weather. Fleas feed on the blood by sucking it. They do not live all the time on the host, but usually in carpets, bedding or furniture, where they are easily accessible to the host.

If their primary host is not available, they will feed on human’s blood or on blood of some other accessible animal. Flea bites on humans cause pink dots and itching that lasts three to four days and then disappears. Lotion with zinc oxide and iron oxide can help alleviate itching. Fleas can transfer to humans easily from their pet. But most know the fleas are attacking children while they play on the carpets, which is their favorite hideout.

Regular flea treatment means the best way to prevent their recurrence. There are veterinary insecticidal shampoos to remove fleas from the dog, but it’s easier, especially cats, to sprinkle veterinary flea powder.

Sprinkle the powder and the carpets and then vacuum the vacuum cleaner. Wash and sprinkle basket pet and upholstery that could be affected by the insecticide permethrin-based spray and metoprena. When fleas occur, thoroughly treat the area to completely exterminate adult fleas. Do the same, and after ten days to exterminate fleas that have developed in ten days, but have not laid eggs. For home remedies, please check Home Remedies for Fleas article.

Flea Bites on Humans Pictures

What do flea bites look like on humans? Just like in sand flea bites there is no poison that causes the reaction in flea bites on humans, but they inject saliva in the bloodstream that prevents blood clotting. After their bites local swelling occurs on the skin, redness and itching that disappears slowly.

The first thing is – never scratch it! Doesn’t matter how much you feel relief after scratching, just don’t do it. When you scratch flea bites there is a possibility you will infect it with some bacteria, since it is now an open wound. After scratching it, you will make a big wound which has a big risk of infection and it now takes much more time to heal. Flea bites on humans are found usually around the joints of the legs where you will notice a small red blisters (like mosquito bites) and strong itching.

How to get rid of fleas in the apartment? Adult female flea can lay up to-day 50 eggs. Fleas besides animals and people like flooring, curtains, carpets and other areas of home furniture. It goes without saying how much is important regular vacuuming carpets and mats. Bayer Advantage II Purple 6-Month Flea Control is the best available powder to treat flea bites on humans.

If you, however, get bitten by fleas, the procedure is similar as we explained in our articles how to get rid of chiggers and how to get rid of bed bugs. After the bite, put a cold towel on it and leave it like that for 20 minutes. Do it two days in a row, five times a day and it will be much better. Of course, first thing is to get yourself protected.

They first attack your pets. Warmth of their body attracts them. Don’t allow fleas to get into your living area, but if they do, first thing is to protect your legs, because that is the first spot they attack.