Erythrophobia Treatment

Erythrophobia is the next topic, after gamophobia we would like to introduce you to. Erythrophobia fear of blushing is a sick fear caused by a fear of embarrassment and occurs due to insecurity. So, it is the fear of people who are shy and in certain situations they blush and so reveal their mental condition “hidden” from the public. It happens that erithrophobic person reacts like this because of the fear of redness in advance.

This is because of the fear of expectation. As soon as a person is under this fear a state of blushing inevitably expands – the fear of blushing creates a symptom, the symptom affects the reinforcements fear – and so on. Fear reaction occurs automatically and the person in that situation cannot be controlled. Fear of blushing forces a person to avoid being in the center of attention, to act or speak (in front of) others, etc.

The person suffering from erythrophobia believes that others view them as ignorant and incompetent, which results to fear of blushing, and fear of sweating, fear of examinations, etc. The number one reason for all this trouble is lack of self-esteem and feelings of insecurity.

Erythrophobia is closely-related to avoidant personality disorder. Some call it pathological blushing and excessive blushing. The vast majority of mental illness has its roots in human spiritual space. Erythrophobia cause is usually somewhere in person childhood.

What is Erythrophobia Definition?

Erythrophobia can be classified under a certain form of social phobia. These are actually disorders that are manifested as an irrational fear of people or social circumstances and situations (public performances, exams …), where other people may notice their weaknesses and shortcomings and ridicule them or hurt their personalities.

There comes a fear of public speaking or to fear of speaking to authorities, and fear that they will laughed at, called ignorant and incompetent. So, here we talk about intensely expressed prejudice to other people, so they could be overly critical, or fear as a result of the wrong (negative) assessment of possible developments and reactions.

When a person is in a precarious situation which seems threatening, irrational fear (erythrophobia) “grabs” it person and begins to behave frantically consumed with a sense of threat and danger of life. After that unpleasant bodily reactions perform: palpitations, and rapid heartbeat, feeling of choking – shortness of breath.

Person suffering from erythrophobia avoid situations and objects in that trigger unpleasant fear in them, and even deviate from regular walks of life, duties and obligations in order to avoid phobic embarrassment. If you encounter on a person who has these symptoms, give a helping hand. Sometimes just a warm hug, pleasant smile and nice words can cure this phobia. You might improve someone’s life, without knowing it.

Therefore it is of utmost importance to explain the patient that fear from the expectation is absolutely natural and innate to human beings, and therefore he should not attach too much attention to it. The patient should understand well that all fear of expectations feeds by these unpleasant symptoms of erythrophobia (pathological blushing, excessive blushing).

Fear usually causes exactly what someone is afraid of (this is also called nocebo effect). In erythrophobia treatment it’s convenient to imagine a certain situation in which a person normally blushes and say to itself: “Oh, I will be so blush and I will try to show everyone, let everyone see how I can be my face can turn red, like no one else can.” So, laugh at the fear directly in its face! If you have erythrophobia try it, it works!

When a person is well-prepared for such situation, accepts it and confronts to fear, there is no more place for it. Erythrophobia disappears like it never was there. However, that situation is something a person really wants to experience – to laugh at its phobia. So, it’s about changing attitudes about the human condition (placebo effect) that requires boldness of spirit and a strong will to accept exactly what gives us fear. A good boost-your-immune-system mental nutrition we recommend in this case is cordyceps sinensismaca root powder and curcumin. Related to this article is anuptaphobia. So, this article is everything you need to know about erythrophobia.