Bed bug registry is a registry of hotels and motels which you should not stay in if you want to avoid bed bugs bites and infestation, but first let us introduce you what actually bed bugs are.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects. The species in this family usually feed on human or animal blood. As a warm blooded host we are perfect home for these insects.

They usually “attack” during sleep and leave their saliva into our skin gaps. Everyone wants to have a good night sleep but an awakening could be a disaster. Usual reaction is that everyone thinks it was a bite from mosquitoes or spiders, with time we develop allergic reactions to their saliva and red itchy dots are starting to appear. Bed bug bites allergies are some of the most dangerous ones and if not treated on time some serious diseases may occur.

These species were not affected by climate changes during their history and they managed to adapt to human environment (similar to cockroaches).

Bed Bug Registry – Bed Bug Bites

Their most active time for feeding is one hour before sunrise. Then these critters crawl out of their hiding places and start to look for a good warm-blooded host. If you don’t have a pet in your home then you are their first choice.  Then they are attracted to the host by it’s body heat and a presence of CO₂ (carbon dioxide).

When they get on host they will pierce the its skin with two tubes. One tube injects saliva which contains anesthetics and anticoagulants. By doing this the victim will not feel anything and blood will flow out freely.  With the other tube they suck blood in. The feeding lasts for five minutes. The first time host can be aware that they are bitten is by scratching the bed bug infestation spot. Usually we will all think those were mosquitoes  or spider bytes.

Bed bugs can live very long without food and then they become dormant for one year.

Bed bug Registry – Treatment of Bed bug Bites

  • Avoid scratching, since they may cause infections
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Antihistamines may relieve allergies
  • Topical cream may relieve itching

Bed bug Registry – Hotels, Motels

The most common places for bed bug infestation are hotels/motels and most critical category are travelers. You can carry them in your clothes, luggage or on your skin without knowing anything. Then you will carry these critters to your home and reluctantly infect your entire family and your home. The worst thing for hotel or motels publicity is to list them in bedbug registry and before 2006 we didn’t have any clue how common bed bug infestation is.

Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, in 2006 year a computer programmer Maciej Ceglowski had a close encounter with bed bugs in San Francisco hotel room. As a computer tech he did what he could do. In 2006 year he founded an online free bed bug registry where you can find which hotels, motels, or public residential places you would like to check in, are infected with bed bugs and which you should avoid. If you came across bed bugs you can also submit your reports to this bed bug registry database. Furthermore you can register to free emailing system, so you will be informed about any new bed bug reports in your area.

Thanks to Maciej Ceglowski and his bed bug registry now hotels have to be more healthier for anyone who wishes to check in.

Bed bug Registry NYC

The New York area has the worst infestation in the United States, with exactly 4490 bed bug reports. Bed bugs have invaded New York and even the cleanest apartments are not exceptions. In New York they are mostly found in old wall cracks of old buildings. The people who live there are most critical category.

Bed bug Registry – Bed bug Extermination

First thing you need to know is that no country in the world can exterminate these pests. The only thing is they can control their progress. So should you – control your home health.

If you have a bed bug infestation, don’t think twice about throwing out your furniture. It is probably their reproduction center. Also, discard a vacuum cleaner bag, all blankets, pillows, or gentle toys must be disinfected and vacuumed.

If you are living in a flat it is much more difficult to exterminate them from your home. This is, because if you exterminate them from your living area, there is a big possibility that your next door neighbors have them as well and with time they will re-contaminate your flat. One of the things you can do, in agreement with other residents of the building, is to call a fumigation company which will provide you with fumigation services (pest progress control and their extermination).

This as well doesn’t need to be a permanent solution, since if your building is not infected, the streets are, the nearby building probably is and not to mention the garbage bags which are probably nearest to the building. But it is better to control infestation then life with bed bugs. For now, the permanent solution to this problem will remain in debate talks.

One more thing you can do, as mentioned above, is to participate in bed bug registry program and to report any bed bug problems you have. Perhaps in due time the government (district, state) will sponsor the solutions brought by reports in bed bug registry.

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