Argyria, Argyria Treatment

In a previous colloidal silver article I have referred to an anomaly that can be caused by the extensive use of colloidal silver. This anomaly is argyria. There is a range of preparations based on silver, which contain many other elements, molecules and other silver stabilizers. Depending on the particular product, its individual concentration and purity, and methods of collecting and the purpose of the use of colloidal silver the risk of argyria occurs. Argyria term is first used by German physician Johann Abraham Albers’s in 1816th year. The term comes from “Argentum,” which is the Latin word for silver.

Argyria is a cosmetic effect that occurs as a result of binding silver to a pigment. So, argyria is a disease that has no real impact on human health and can easily be avoided. Generated by the deposition of small particles of silver in the extracellular space, it is usually deposited in the form of aggregates of different sizes in the hair roots, sweat glands and so on. At these places there is also an increased dose of melatonin. It is assumed that silver causes an increased concentration of melatonin and a combination of silver and melatonin causes a bluish tan. People who have argyria are healthy and fully functioning person with the difference that they have a blue-grayish skin as a result of silver stored on the tissue and skin. Argyria can occur anywhere on the skin, but is more common on the face. With properly prepared silver, in the appropriate concentration, we can say that it is impossible to get argyria. The incidents of argyria are solely a consequence of taking a variety of silver salts or silver stabilized biological molecule (MSP – Mild Silver Protein). The amount of silver that should be taken to notice the first argyria symptoms is from about 3.8 to 6 grams. Taking that one liter of high quality colloidal silver has about 5 mg of silver, it is clear that one should drink at least 600 liters of this mixture to get argyria. Of course, provided that it silver is so bad quality that is at all able to induce argyria. Some estimates say about 40 grams of silver are required for the first argyria symptoms to be visible. The consequence of the above facts is that so far there are not recorded cases where a person who drinks a normal quantity showed any argyria symptoms.

However, it should be noted that in addition to colloidal silver there are a number of factors that can determine whether a person is more or less prone to argyria. One of the factors that are discussed lately is the amount of selenium in the body. Research on this subject has shown that selenium deficiency increases the risk of argyria. A large amount of selenium in the body increases the amount of silver in uncritically internal organs which in itself is not dangerous or toxic. Selenium is capable of bonding for silver and selenium therefore has an impact on the speed of extraction of silver from the body. When the body lacks selenium, silver is increasingly deposited within the body. Thus, large quantities of silver taken for a long time are able to “spend” stocks of silver in the body and thus increase the risk of argyria.

Argyria Treatment

There are some ways of argyria treatment and are usually based on a variety of dietary supplements such as  vitamin E, vitamin B, selenium and the like. So as in our “Get Rid of Dandruff” article argyria like any other slight skin disease should be first treated with vitamins. However, there are various programs and intensive cleaning of organisms that are able to ease or eliminate the argyria symptoms. There are cases when argyria is successfully treated with laser. The author of this text recommends that preventive doses of colloidal silver should be below 1 mg per day which represents less than 2 dl. daily. This dose was tested in formal research as completely harmless for an adult.