This quick guide to flea bites will teach you how to identify flea bites and how to treat them. So if you are dealing with fleas and want to get rid of them read the treatments given below:  It is advised to consider home remedies for flea bites as they are found much more effective than conventional medicines. Fleas can be dangerous to both humans and pets. Flea bites can cause allergic and bacterial reaction to the whole body. People with sensitive skin should be careful about the fleas as it can cause some hazardous skin disease. Some people may not have any allergic reaction after being bitten by several fleas, and for some it may be extremely painful. So, the effect of flea varies from person to person.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are blood sucking insects without wings that can cause Siphonaptera. They can pierce the skin easily; in fact this is the only way they survive on humans or pets. Fleas are extremely good jumpers, and they can jump up to 8 to 10 inches. This is how they jump from pets to humans or from carpet to the legs of humans.

What are the Symptoms of Fleas?

  • Severe Itching resulting into the reddish bumps on the affected skin which further turns into swelling.
  • You feel like scratching a lot and can’t stop to rub all your body, but it is advised not to do so as it may spread the bacteria all over the body.
  • You’ll notice the itching and swelling within 12 hours after the fleas have bitten you.
  • Fleas become more active at night, and the affected person has problems in sleeping because of continuous scratching.
  • Fleas bites in the cluster or group, so if you have seen a cluster or mark on your leg, back and sometime stomach, be careful as it may be fleas.

How to get rid of fleas?

  1. One of the most common issues with flea bites is people keep on scratching the affected area, and that is understandable because of unbearable itching, but you should avoid scratching. The consequences of scratching may be havoc in your whole body.
  2. If itching is severe, you can use lotion or anti-itch creams to reduce the swelling and itchiness. Make sure you use it twice or thrice a day.
  3. A pack of ice bag also helps a lot in getting rid of the sore and itching.
  4. Clean the affected area with an antiseptic.
  5. Aloe Vera: It is known as one of the trusted home remedies. It helps in curing the lot of skin diseases. It soothes the bites easily.
  6. Used Black/Green Tea:  Just clean your fleas affected area from using tea bags and it will ease up the itchiness.

Please Note:  Even though most of the treatments are well known  and are quite helpful but if the flea stays over a week and do not go away, We suggest you to consult your doctor. We already wrote about this here: Flea Bites on Humans Pictures and Home Remedies for Fleas.