F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

Here at Theredheadedpharmacist.com we have already mentioned some phobias: gamophobiaerythrophobiapedophobia and anuptaphobia. The fact that someone lives in fear of the peanut butter or a cloud at first glance seems like a good joke. However, the list of bizarre phobias is sizable, and for some it is really hard to believe that they actually exist. Life in constant irrational, inexplicable and intractable fear of certain objects, places, phenomena is not fun and certainly not even supposed to be a figure of fun. Phobias are serious disorders with which is hard to fight, and many are not very rare, and sometimes so unusual and bizarre that a healthy man cannot comprehend them.
10 Strangest Phobias List:

Phozophobia; Fear of Fear, Fear of Developing a Phobia
Although it sounds like a bad joke, fear of fear, fear of developing a phobia really exists and has caused headaches for many. Experts warn that it is fairly common and, like all other phobias, has very bad impact on the quality of life because it is followed by the problems like excessive sweating, anxiety, palpitations, breathlessness, and even real panic attack.
Nepophobia; Fear of Clouds
For people who do not struggle with this kind of problem can still be explained that storm clouds can cause not only chill, but also a strong irrational fear of attacks, but how is that possible when it comes to sheep-like and other cute chubby white clouds? How to help yourself in such a situation? The solution may lie in moving – United Kingdom is certainly not recommended, but Caribbean Islands, for example?
Cacophobia; Fear of Ugliness
Regarding the photos and beauty of beauties that are smiling from the pages of tabloids, women’s and teenage magazines, it’s no wonder that this is a very common occurrence. Ugliness means difficulties in finding a partner, a lot more effort in achieving business and life goals, exposure to mockery, and even abuse in primary and secondary schools (which can make a bad impact on a child’s mental health, see avoidant personality disorder test article). In addition, this fear is not bypassed in those who belong to the category of ugly, and not in those in the category of beautiful – for one the concern is to deal with the looks and the others worry that they don’t not lose their good look. How, then, not to be afraid of ugliness?
Linonophobia; Fear of String
How can an ordinary string harm a man to develop a fear of string? It can not hurt, it is hard to be used in order to make a serious crime, it is not, like the clothes, the norm of everyday life which can provoke outrage, even by itself it does not look bad. Only if linonophobics know something that those who are lucky not to be bothered by this phobia do not know….
Epistemophobia; Fear of Knowledge
Ironically speaking, this is probably the most widespread phobia in the world. Knowledge is bad, dangerous and unnecessary, and according to this hypothesis this phobia should not be too much studied, because it only can make things worse. And for those who are just lazy, it is an excellent excuse for absence from school and poor exam results.
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia; Fear of Long Words
What is the cause of Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia? From the perspective of the laity, it is enough to imagine how such a complicated word is hard to read and pronounce it (especially if it is in a public performance), and to that have certainly contributed the boring lectures that made many to fall a sleep in schools and universities. And when you add what can now be seen (and heard) on TV …
Vestiphobia; Fear of Clothing
The world would be a very interesting place if more people were suffering from this phobia, especially if these people would belong to the group of young and attractive ones. However, this only applies to the countries in which this phobia might manifest freely, without fear of freezing and similar nuisances. 
Arachibutyrophobia; Fear of Peanut Butter Stuck to the Palate
How is this common phobia? Hard to say, although one case is to mucho! Although feeling pasted butter on the palate is rather unpleasant, this phobia is not one of the closer competition of phobias that are a big hassle, because the fear of peanut butter can be minimized by simply avoiding this product.
Papaphobia; Fear of the Pope
Although it sounds a bit like a mockery, it is a legitimate phobia that includes not only the fear of the head of the Catholic Church, but also of the church itself. What it is in the “head of the church” so awful, it’s hard to say. If it comes to clothes, then the subject of phobias could practically be any cardinal, not just the Pope. Maybe it’s the Pope mobile?
Panophobia; Fear of Everything
You think you had a bad day because you had a lot of job and you did not eat anything, your head hurts and you return home attacked by a dog? All this is nothing compared to the days of people suffering from Panophobia. Imagine living in constant fear of everything and not a lot of options to ease the situation! It’s hard to say how this phobia is common because panofobics are afraid of questions, answers, of people who could ask questions, etc.