How to remove stains of grass?

Your child might have skidded on grass and here you are scolding him on her carelessness. But we have a  solution for you. Spray some paraffin on the grass stain and wash it with hot water later on. You can use washing powder for washing. Stains of grass will vanish.

How to keep flowers fresh?

Your love has given you flowers and you are worried hoe to keep them fresh? Here is the trick.Place flowers in a pot half filled of water. Add soap or pieces of soap into the water.  Flowers will remain colorful and fresh for longer time.

How to get rid of birds nests?

In some homes, especially in tropical areas, birds make  their nests in rooms, at fans, in cabinets etc, resulting  in small wood pieces all around the home and you may feel nasty. To get rid of this problem , place toy dolls at places most likely to be invaded by birds! Scared birds will not make nests now!

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are everywhere. They may bite you and leave you on bed for days and months. Best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to burn mint leaves at the corner of room. Also arrange good sunlight at darker areas of your home. Of course, this remedy is applicable when you are fed up of using nets, lotions and other electrical devices.

How to get rid of fish bad smell?

To get rid of fish odor you can do following things:

  1. Blend red lentils into small pieces and wash the fish with it. Bad smell will fly away.
  2. Massage fish with mustard oil.

How to get rid of fire flies or other insects that gather around a light bulb?

You might have seen flying insects whirling around a light bulb at night. If a street light is near at your home, these insects can be your worst guests. To get rid of them , place cut onions near to the lamp or bulb .

How to get rid of Head lice?

Mix vinegar and water together and rub it gently and thoroughly on your head skin. Wash your hairs after later on. Repeat this process for couple of time; all the head lice will be dead! Maintain proper care of your hairs, wash them  and brush them regularly.

How to melt freeze honey?

Heat some water in a container. Put the freeze honey bottle in the prepared container.  Heat of water will slowly melt the honey. Usually, in winter, honey freezes.  Use jam bottles to store honey, it will never freeze.

How to stop sneezing?

If you have a sudden sneezing attack and you can’t stop it, here is the trick. Smell some coriander, sneeze will reduce and will ultimately stop completely. Smelling the extract of coriander will also do the same trick.

How to stop eye pain?

Take normal-sized balls of cotton and dip them in hot milk. Now place the cotton ball on closed eyes and at nearby areas. Pain will vanish. This remedy will also nourish and aid healthy growth of eye lids.